Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pipe Frenzy Update

Well here's an image of my new game Pipe Frenzy being run on an Un-extended Basic 16K Coco 1.  It seems to run fine except I had to remove the X=RND(-TIMER) command at the beginning of line 2500.  I guess the TIMER function is part of the extended Basic command set.  Other than that it seems to run OK, although I'll have to find a different way to seed the random number generator.  I noticed, however, that the key sense routine that I use, which uses the keyboard rollover table, doesn't seem to work quite right on my Coco 2.  The peek locations don't seem to reset to 255 as soon as you're not holding them down anymore, as seems to happen on a Coco1 or Coco 3.  It's very strange.  It also runs fine on Vcc emulator.  I'm thinking of switching the key sense routine to using INKEY, since the game seems a little too easy using the rollover table routine.  You can just hold the space bar down (slowing the game immensely) and cycle the shapes until you get the one you like.  The result is that there is much less need to strategically move in order to best deploy the shapes that you can see.  I also don't like the way the start and end points are chosen and have noticed that in the on-line Java version, which I've been using as a model, the start and end are simply always placed on the opposite rows of the screen (spaced one row in towards the middle).  I think I'll switch to this method to ensure a more challenging distance between start and end points, and also add the occasional solid block piece at random in the middle to increase the challenge further.  Look for an updated version to be distributed soon...

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