Thursday, 24 January 2013

Here is a screen shot from the Coco version of my latest programming production--"PipeFrenzy."  I'm hoping that this is the definitive version.  I have switched the key input to using the INKEY function to make the game a little more challenging.  I have also changed the way the starting and ending positions  are chosen and have added the placement of some random "blocks" in the centre of the screen grid.  I should mention that one change I also made at some point over the last few weeks, is to randomize the direction that water flows when it hits a "T" junction of pipe.  This can be used to a player's advantage.  If you're in a circumstance where the type of corner pipe isn't coming up, you can opt to throw the dice on a "T" junction, which might do the trick instead.

I have found that level 1 is good for getting the feel of the game.   Level 2 is the level I use for regular play, but I'm starting to feel an urge to try to move up to level 3.  Levels above that are probably beyond the ability of anyone to play, but I have left them in with the vain hope that someone out there might find the game interesting enough and challenging enough to work at mastering them.  Pipe Frenzy can be found on my website in the "JGGAMES5.DSK" zip file, which can be found by clicking here:

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