Thursday, 20 September 2018

RetroChallenge 2018/09: Fine Tuning Atari Adventure in BASIC

This demo shows a lucky placement of the chalice in the outer part of the White Castle. Only one dragon death. I have decided to keep the limit on lives to 3 respawns before you "fail in you quest." Made a few other final minor fixes and dummy proofing. Can't drop items in doorways or the very edges of rooms. This prevents you from overwriting them when you enter a room. It also prevents misplacement of objects when they wrap around to the other side of the screen. I could get rid of this visual quirk, but I would rather have the speed.

There is some further complexity to the hoops you must jump through to get the micro dot. Specifically a time limit on how long the hole made by your bridge will work/stay open. If you are not quick and don't time your movements right (you'll have to notice the rhythm of the bat moving stuff in the background. It is possible the wall you have bridged with the H can be redrawn trapping you, if you're not careful. Pretty tricky on level 3 when the time limit (i.e. time span between bat moving things in the background) is shortest. Tricky, but possible (I've tested it). It will be a rare breed who can figure out how to obtain the micro dot, that's for sure.

Project is pretty much done. Fun Retrochallenge. Thanks John!

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