Sunday, 16 September 2018

RetroChallenge 2018/09: Atari Adventure in Basic Lost Sword

Just can't catch a break in this one. Lost my sword and just keep running into bats and dragons. I have added random "Bat" movement of items off screen. Sifted the code for speedups, including renumbering by increment of 1. Added instructions. Here are the instructions:

Also added a T-pattern for the keys-- IJKL. My son Charlie likes the T, and he's my beta tester, so he gets the T. Found a neat graphic online that I tweaked. Might use it as a new online avatar now that I am into my 50s.

Hope to get a peek at everyone else's RetroChallenge projects shortly. Been working intensely on Adventure, but now I should have some time. I can just glide into the final stretch with some game testing and combat tweaking. I might add some levels to the game. Perhaps the amount of bat background item moving, bat speed and the speed of the dragons (movement and length of time between mouth-open-mouth-closed cycling) can be adjusted.

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