Monday, 17 September 2018

RetroChallenge 2018/09: First Distro of Atari Adventure in Interpreted BASIC

New Instructions Screen
Here's a first distro of my new Atari Adventure-like game for the TRS-80 MC-10. It can be played on Mike Tinnes Javascript emulator. Load the first file on the menu "ADVENTR" and type RUN and hit ENTER.

I've got the bat routine to a point where it will swoop in and steal items you are carrying. It will also occasionally swoop in and just knock the item you are carrying out of your hands. It also moves items in the background, but not the chalice or the micro dot. But it will move dragons, which it will occasionally drop into the room you are in.

I've also added levels. This just makes the dragons faster and increases the frequency of the bat's annoying activities just described.

As usual, I've also found some speedups. Reworked the declaration of the variables, killed some dead code from the earlier variations. Removed repetitious actions between interacting subroutines. That kind of thing.  Always amazes how many of these things show up even when I feel I have sifted the code so thoroughly there couldn't possibly be a more efficient way of getting things done.

Here's where you can find the code for those who are interested (ADVENTR25.TXT):

Feedback welcome.

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