Wednesday, 26 September 2018

RetroChallenge 2018: Finally Done?

End Credits
Made a few final bug fixes that quash minor non-critical visual quirks. The dragons didn't initialize properly if they showed up on the first screen at the Gold Castle. Tried to deal with the possibilities of "spawn killing" when you enter a room and a dragon is right on top of you. Now placement is confined to the centre area.  This should leave a little space for you to enter rooms, and if you're quick, get out or move away before the dragon or bat can get you. Replaced all two character string variables with single character variable names. Anything to help a little with speed.

Think the game is winding down to completion.  Can't think of any major changes, besides adding some better sound or music. Still might put an upside-down dead dragon graphic in, but I'm not feeling motivated to create such flourishes. Perhaps, when my son Charlie is home for Canadian Thanksgiving he'll be able to give me some feedback for improvements. But the contest will be finished by then. So I think this might be it for posting.

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