Monday, 24 April 2017

RetroChallenge 2017: 4 Mile Island Adventure

Found another obscure adventure in the TRS-80 Color Computer Archive. This one's called 4 Mile Island Adventure. It's loosely based on the 3-Mile Island nuclear disaster. Everyone has fled and it's up to you to cold-shutdown the reactor.

Couple of weird things about the adventure. First the save routine seems to just save the objects array. It doesn't appear to store anything else, such as your location, the reactor temp, radiation level or how many items you're carrying (although this may be generated when you take an inventory).  So when you restore, you seem to start off at the beginning location, but you have any items you found previously.  Since you are racing against the reactor temperature going up, it seems like you can reset the clock by saving.  Don't know if this is important or unimportant, but I might change it.

There is a link in the archive to the manual by Owls Nest software. I can't find a link to the game in the CASA: Solution Archive, although there is a listing for a program of the same name written for a recent text adventure contest.

Since there's no listing, I'm working on solving it.

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