Sunday, 26 March 2017

MC-10 Dr. Who programs

Allen Huffman recently posted on his blog about a unlicensed Dr. Who game he bought for the Coco back in the 1980s. He was a little disappointed back then when the game arrived and he discovered it was written in BASIC but I'm not disappointed today. Looks like another possible porting project for the TRS-80 MC-10! Thanks Allen!  I've written in the past about one Dr. Who themed text adventure game I ported to the MC-10 from the original TRS-80
I thought it would be useful to write a little about some other more recent who-themed additions to the MC-10 software library.

There is my adventure called "The Doctor," which involves navigating an overhead 2-D maze. You have to trick the very dumb Darlecs to chase you and then trigger reactors and exit the screen, leaving them to be blown up.
There is also another text adventure taken from a Sinclair Spectrum type-in game called "Time Slider." I believe it is from Your Computer magazine, which was a general home computer magazine in Britain in the 80s. Because it covered all 8-bit computers, it sometimes had games for the Dragon 32 (i.e. British Coco), especially in the 1982-1984 period. I just stumbled across Time Slider (the article title) which had a listing of "Time Switch" (the title used in the program itself). I called the version I created for the MC-10 "Slider" because I already had program called Switch. Probably should have used the filename "TSWITCH" but I prefer complete names. It's a thinly veiled Dr. Who text adventure, which again tries to avoid copyright infringement. I added a little graphic of a blue box at the end to overcome any such confusion.
And here is a video of "Doctor":

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