Sunday, 15 March 2020

Type-in Mania 2020 Awards

The contest rules are as follows:

The player who can achieve and post (screenshot or video) evidence of the highest score in a public forum by April 19th  Saturday April 25th 2020 earned playing my Basic game MINER will win a "Type-in Mania 2020" trophy that I will send to them.

Manic Miner

A second trophy will be awarded to the first person to complete my Basic game ADVENTR by retrieving the chalice and taking it to the Yellow Castle with the highest level (1-3), and also having retrieved the micro dot and used it (dropped it) in the correct location to reveal the secret entrance to a secret room. They must record evidence of the message that can be found in the secret room and their winning screen (screenshots or video) posted on a public forum (Coco Facebook, MC-10 Facebook, Youtube, etc.) before the end of April 19th 2020 Saturday April 25th 2020.

Atari Adventure in Basic
Last year the award went to George Phillips for achieving high score on my game Dam Busters.  His  score earned him a Distinguished Flying Cross and a Victoria Cross!

George's Win

Victoria Cross

If people have suggestions for alternative original games of mine they would prefer to play for high score for this year's Type-in Mania awards, let me know. I will consider  possibly adding a 3rd trophy. Or perhaps I will simply get some specialty mugs made. Feel free to arrange online game playing sessions in any forum that might get arranged for a "virtual CocoFest" or sessions at any time between now and the deadline. You can contact me at to let me know.

My games can be played using Mike Tinnes' online Javascript MC-10 Emulator or Tamer's VMC10 emulator by download. To play the game online click the following"Play" button and then select the "Play Our Original Micro Color Basic Games" link and select the filename (MINER or ADVENTR) from the Cassette menu. Then type RUN and hit Enter. You don't need to type CLOAD. Or choose the "Download" link to download a zip with the VMC10 Emulator. The two .C10 tape files can be found in the JimG directory of the Cassette directory.  In VMC10 you will need to type CLOAD to load these .C10 files.

The games can also be played using Coco by downloading the following compilation of my virtual coco disks. The latest versions of MINER and ADVENTR (with some updates from last year) can be found on the JGGAMES12.DSK:

They are also available for Dragon 32 as .CAS files:

These can be played online using XROAR here:

P.S. And the Winner was:
Darren Ottery with 10500

A strong second place was achieved by Jerry Young aka Pitfall Jerry with 7900:

A winner's mug/cup will be sent to Darren.  Thanks to everyone who tried my game!
On the other side of the mug it says:

Type-in Mania Winner
On the TRS-80 MC-10