Friday, 22 March 2019

RetroChallenge 03/2019: Some Updates to a former Retrochallenge Program

I have made some edits to a program I did for a RetroChallenge a few years back. It was a port of a text adventure coded by "Floyd" (aka Joshua Bell) in Applesoft Basic for Javascript. Since Floyd had lots of power to work with, speed was not a problem. He coded a clever encoding system to hide the game's text data from snooping eyes peeking at the source. However, on an MC-10 with plain old interpreted Basic, the setup time to decode all this data was way too long. So when Floyd contacted me about an error I had made in my Walkthrough map of his game, I decided to revisit his encoding routine and apply some of the Basic speedup techniques I've picked up over the last few years. I also decided to add a little reverse video to provide some visual distinction between room descriptions. I have also fixed up my standard word-wrap routine since then, so I updated that as well. If you click on the link to my original post you will be taken to an updated map of the game with hints about how to complete it, so beware if you don't want the game spoiled. It can be played online at Game Jolt and also find a link below to Github with the latest source code:

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