Thursday, 22 March 2018

RetroChallenge 2018/04: Dig Dug Final Installment?

I thought I had finished Dig Dug but Carlos Camacho, the graphics design artist on the project, posted in the MC-10 Facebook the notes for the background/intro music of the original game. He thought that when Allen Huffman gets his sound-through-the-serial port device working it could be added to play in the background in some future rendition of the program. I'll certainly do that. In the meantime I had been feeling the existing game start routine that flashes our names could use a little music. It only had a silent pause between my name and Carlos' name. So I used my sound routine developed for FOD to play the refrain while our names are being displayed when the program is first run.

Here is what he posted:
10 PLAY "T8;O1;F#;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;E;D;E;D;E;D;E;D;D#;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;D;E;D;E;D;G;F#;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;E;D;E;D;E;D;E;D;D#;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;D;E;D;E;D;G"
20 PLAY "T8;O2;F#;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;E;D;E;D;E;D;E;D;D#;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;D;E;D;E;D;G;F#;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;G;E;D;E;D;E;D;E;D;D#;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;E;D;E;D;E;D;G"
100 GOTO 10

I'm posting it here in case anyone else might find it useful and because its a convenient place to go back and get it from when I need to use with Allen's device.

I also (of course) found a few more tweaks to the code to make the main loop just a little bit faster (I think). I should also mention that I built in James Diffendaffer's M/L speed-up routine. It's one little tweak to Microsoft Basic (something about using the 0 page), that he estimates speeds up execution by 1-2%. Only a little bit, but every little bit helps!

0 REM01234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456

1 CLS:GOSUB3000:GOSUB10000:GOTO100:REM program start line number

9998 DATA60,54,55,150,246,129,126,38,25,220,247,195,1,5,131,1,1,221,252,206,67,113,236,1
9999 DATA221,246,236,3,221,248,236,5,221,250,51,50,56,57,240,129,58,37,1,57,126


I've added it to many other programs in my arcade collection as well:
Here is a link to that collection:

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