Sunday, 31 October 2021

RetroChallenge 2021: Happy Halloween!

Well just to prove that I haven't been completely skiving off lately, here are some videos of a couple of projects that I have been doing this month.  The first is the slide show from the Cocotalk Live presentation I did a week ago.  The kind folks there organized a show focused on the MC-10.  Great to finally see some of the folks I've been corresponding with since the days of the old MC-10 Yahoo group.  Anyone remember Yahoo?  Thanks especially to Curtis Boyle for all the coordinating for the show.  

The other video is of a program called DRAC that I worked on recently.  James Host the admin of the MC-10 Facebook group challenged folks to come up with some seasonal programs.  So I whipped up something quickly over an evening.  Just stole some ASCII graphics of Dracula and some lips with fangs from the Net.  Plot them using SET/RESET.  Little graphic work with my SKETCH program for some big text and graphics for a few wee animated bats and Bob's your uncle.

I decided to put them on my real MC-10 and then put them on a loop using the MCX-SD.  Just have each program RUN the other.  MCX BASIC lets you use a filename with RUN so you can easily chain programs together.  Who says BASIC isn't useful anymore!

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