Saturday, 11 September 2021

Retro Challenge 2021

Freecell in Micro Color Basic

I hope to blog about a couple of projects this month and next as part of RetroChallenge 2021, and possibly also for Septandy.  The main project involves my port of Freecell from some QBasic source I found on the Net.  I am also working on a port of a 4K adventure game "Cavernes" for the TRS-80 Pocket computers.  The source is from the French computer magazine Trace from the early 80s.  I am also going to work on porting "Star Lanes" from Altair Basic to the MC-10.  But my projects are always mutating, so I am not completely sure what I will be getting up to over September and October.  There are also some past projects I might have forgotten that I might blog about.

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