Thursday, 29 August 2019

Usborne's "Haunted House" Text Adventure

This is a text adventure called "Haunted House." You explore the house and collect treasures.

I have ported the game to the TRS-80 MC-10.  The original is from a book called Write Your Own Adventure Programs For Your Microcomputer, which you can read here.

The program was part of a 1980s series of programming books for children from the Usborne publishing company. That company has posted PDFs of all their books from the programming series.  I highly recommend introducing them to your children if they have any interest in coding. Usborne also have modern programming books, including ones for Scratch and Python!

The adventure games book shows how to design and implement a text adventure game in BASIC.  The Haunted House game is the main example. The book is clearly written, consice and well illustrated, and assumes almost no prior programming knowledge. It uses BASIC, but the concepts are useful for modern languages.

If you find yourself frustrated, a walkthrough can be found on the CASA Solution archive.

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