Sunday, 9 April 2017

RetroChallenge 2017: Cross Rally Complete (I Think)

Well I have added the final bells and whistles. The intro screen explains the basic keys of the game. Hopefully the rules are not too opaque. In brief, you must collect the 10 regular Checkpoint flags and then make your way to the Level Checkpoint flag. The regular flags appear on the mini-map on the bottom right of the screen, but the Level Checkpoint flag does not, so you must keep your eyes peeled for it while you rove. You can run over it, but it will not take you to the next level until you have collected the 10 regular flags. Completing the level faster adds a bonus to your score when you level up. There is also a special Bonus flag, which will give you an extra car. Be carefully when collecting these, as you can only have a max of 5 cars and if you run over the bonus with a full car complement, it will be wasted. You can also create a smoke screen (oil slick?) by hitting space. You only can do this 6 times per car.  The dark green bar labeled "F:" tells you if you have any left. You can run over these smoke puffs without any problem.  Avoid the rocks. They're as deadly as the enemy car. Pressing the "C" key or the "B" key will flash the current location of the you and the enemy car.  It would be nice to have this continuously updated, but it would slow down the game too much.  You have to make some sacrifices when you make a game in Basic. When you exit the game it will report the last score and the highest score.

Here's a video of the original for comparison purposes.

This project is for Retrochallenge 2017. For more info about retro-programming projects see:

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